Alternative energy sources are more attractive

The subsoil is an immense source of energy. A few meters underground, the sun’s heat is stored. From the core of the earth, temperatures of 6,500 degrees radiate the outer layers. Heat pumps use geothermal energy, heat from underwater currents or air, depending on the technology.The energy stored in the air (aerothermal energy) can also be used to heat rooms or to produce hot water. Heat pumps make use of this energy, and therefore, help save on heating costs.

It does not matter what technology is used: heat pumps offer high efficiency even at low ambient temperatures. Up to 75% of what the heating needs can be obtained directly from the environment for free. Only 25% must be produced by electricity. Heat pumps are able to take advantage of three different geothermal sources depending on their technology: land, air and water.


  • It does not emit CO2
  • It is an inexhaustible source of energy
  • Independence of suppliers and external suppliers
  • Low cost

Requirements for its use

  • Large radiators for a low temperature system
  • Good insulation of the building

Energy from the earth

The heat pump can make use of the energy that comes from the earth in different ways. In all of them, heat near the surface is used, where the temperature is almost uniform throughout the year. A coil that functions as a collector is installed at a depth of 1.5 meters and extracts the heat from the earth. Alternatively, this heat can also be obtained by means of a small geothermal probe. The geothermal heat is extracted with special probes that reach up to 100 meters underground. At this distance, the temperature is constant throughout the year at about 10º; enough to extract heat.


Requirements for its use

  • Wide and accessible land
  • A permit may be required

Air heat pumps

The air heat pump can use the energy of the air (aerothermal energy) and use it for heating. Our modern heat pumps work economically and produce heat even when the outside temperature is -20º.


  • Total availability of the energy source without the need for re-equipment
  • It does not nees any permission
  • Low investment
  • Especially suitable for modernization

Requirements for its use

  • Installation located outside

Heat pumps that take advantage of the energy of groundwater

Heat pumps can extract heat from groundwater streams. Its temperature is constant regardless of the time of year or the outside temperature. For extraction, a well is necessary.


  • Very efficient
  • It maintains a temperature of 7º to 12º even on cold winter days.

Requirements for its use

  • Permission
  • Quality and quantity of groundwater: groundwater that is low in minerals.

The best source of energy for your needs

Knowing what source of energy, and therefore, what type of heat pump is the most suitable depends on several factors. The costs of acquisition and operation have to be considered, but also the type of heat pump, since the different types differ among themselves in terms of permits, licenses and construction requirements.

There is no single solution when looking for the right heat pump. But it is not so difficult to find the right system. Talk to your heating expert from Vaillant, he will be able to advise you on your search for the proper heating system.

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