The presentation of the plan for the potential use of geothermal energy in Ourense and the screening of the documentary “Teide el gigante dormido” are included in the media

The audiovisual media have collected the presentation of the potential plan for the use of geothermal energy to be developed by the City of Ourense in collaboration with the Institute of Technology and Renewable Energy of Tenerife, which will be a great tool to help the development of geothermal projects in the city, especially in areas with greater thermal presence.

This plan will put in value the binomial thermalism and sustainable energy as differentiating elements of Ourense in the European space and in addition, the results will help to know more about the opportunities of renewable energies that the city has to favor the energetic transition in the Atlantic space.

Also, last Thursday the municipal center of knowledge and innovation La Molinera hosted the screening of the documentary “Teide el gigante dormido” directed by Pedro Felipe Acosta, considered one of the best nature documentalists in Spain.

This action was carried out within the framework of the international Geoatlantic project.

Source: Telemiño

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