The GeoAtlantic Project: Geothermal energy and heat pumps

We’re please to be part of the GeoAtlantic Project – a European project looking at the potential of geothermal energy for communities which border the Atlantic Ocean.

We’re working with partners in Scotland, England, France, Portugal and Spain to investigate the options for using geothermal energy to heat and power homes and businesses on Islay, Jura and Colonsay, as well as working with our partners to develop tools and resources which will assist those looking to use geothermal energy.

Heat from the sea – Port Charlotte feasibility study

In 2019 we worked with Hostelling Scotland and the Islay Natural History Trust to look at the feasibility of using ground or water source heat pumps to provide heat and hot water to the Hostel Building in Port Charlotte on Islay.  Our research concluded that both ground source and water source heat pump systems were viable, but that a closed loop water source heat pump based in Lochindaal would likely be the the most financially viable option for the  building, which houses a youth hostel and nature centre.

Given that close loop systems based in the open sea are uncommon, we worked with a specialist marine contractor to assess the technical requirements and address environmental, licencing and consent issues questions around such an installation.  Whilst the report looks specifically at Port Charlotte, much of the leanings can be applied to other areas and we would encourage people to use the information to help them assess the potential for similar installations in their local area.
Consult all the documents on the research carried out in the following link.
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