The project’s challenge is to develop methodologies and tools through cooperation to facilitate energy transition and the use of renewable sources in several local communities. A multidimensional approach will be developed through the improvement of the institutional, technological, industrial and social environment.

“The most successful solutions for each territory”

This activity seeks to promote the knowledge of initiatives, tehcnologies and the latest advances to boost local ecosystems in favour of the energy transition and to promote the available geothermal energy and the most appropiate solutions at a local level in the Atlantic Arc.

  • Analysis of the state of the art and successful practices
  • Interactive tool of reference iniciatives in order to boost geothermal energy
  • Visits for the study of sucessful and innovative experiences
  • Mapping of geothermal potential
  • Working group on the joint strategy for the start of geothermal energy

“An effective response to climate change”

This activity aims to train communities and local authorities, through training and advice at different levels, to give an effective response from the energy point of view to the threat posed by climate change and the construction of a new energy model.

  • Preparation of the training and advisory programme
  • Call for participants and dissemination of training actions
  • Training actions for the creation of capacities in the local ecosystems of each territory
  • Training resources for the development of local capacities in geothermal energy

“Entrepreneurship in favour of geothermal energy”

Research and transfer skills and capacities at the local level will be promoted to strengthen the geothermal energy sector chain.

  • Identification of technologies and new companies with the potential to promote a dynamic and innovative sector
  • Partnerships for the transfer of technology to boost the geothermal sector
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship in the geothermal sector, either by entrepreneurs, spin offs or companies in the sector
  • Working group for innovation in the geothermal energy sector

“Driving the energy transition”

Promotion of local policy frameworks and joint support instruments among the different agents and stakeholders in the Atlantic Area to promote the energy transition and the promotion of geothermal energy.

  • Technical support group for the promotion of local energy plans
  • Implementation and monitoring of geothermal demonstration projects