Francia: Portal Ademe – BRGM dedicado a la Geotermia


El lanzamiento de cumple dos objetivos:

Difundir información de calidad sobre energía geotérmica.

  • Al proporcionar acceso centralizado a información y dominios homogéneos, validados y actualizados,
  • con el objetivo de informar sobre energía geotérmica, más particularmente en Francia, y así responder a las preguntas del público en general, de los responsables de la toma de decisiones o de las instituciones.

Ser un lugar de intercambio y animación del sector geotérmico en Francia.

  • mediante la creación de un espacio reservado para profesionales geotérmicos franceses para investigar información, socios, para intercambios,
  • Además de proporcionar enlaces con otros servicios geológicos europeos o asociaciones nacionales sobre energía geotérmica, con la Unión Europea y organizaciones internacionales involucradas en energía geotérmica.



Europa: Portugal Geothermal Country Update 2005

Autoria: José Martins Carvalho, José Manuel Monteiro da Silva, Carlos Alberto Bicudo da Ponte, and Rui Martins Cabeças
Dep. Eng. Geotécnica, Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, R. Dr. Bernardino de Almeida, nº 431, 4200-072 Porto.
2SOGEO, Sociedade Geotérmica dos Açores S.A. – Rua Eng.º José Cordeiro, n.º6, 9504-535 Ponta Delgada

Proceedings World Geothermal Congress 2005
Antalya, Turkey, 24-29 April 2005


The geology of Portugal determines different conditions for geothermal energy occurrences. In the mainland, where crystalline rocks outcrop over 60% of the area, thermal waters are related with active faulting. Twenty-seven springs have discharge temperatures between 25ºC and 75ºC and are used in balneotherapy. Three small, low enthalpy operations for direct use at existing hotels are operating normally. A dozen of feasibility studies already carried out demonstrate adequate conditions for further operations.
In the sedimentary basins, particularly in the Lisbon area where important heat consumers are located, Lower Cretaceous reservoirs with temperatures up to 50ºC are adequate for small multipurpose geothermal operations, but technical difficulties resulted in the stoppage of the only two existing operations.
The already studied potential for developing geothermal heat pumps over proven aquifers is high all over the country. However, no reports are available on the application of any kind of geothermal heat pumps. In the volcanic Azores Archipelago, high enthalpy
geothermal resources are exploited for power generation since 1980, in São Miguel Island. Pico Vermelho and Ribeira Grande geothermal power plants, with a total installed capacity of 3+13 MWe, supply over 25% of the electrical consumption of the island. A new geothermal power plant (10 MWe) is previewed to start production by the beginning of 2006, replacing the existing Pico vermelho generation unit. A total of 5 to 6 production/injection wells are to be drilled in the scope of this project and as make-up
wells to supply additional geothermal fluid to Ribeira Grande power plant.
In Terceira island, a new high temperature geothermal field was identified in the central region of the island, as a result of the exploratory drilling of geothermal gradient holes that revealed a maximum temperature of 234ºC. A confirmationdrilling
program is being planned with the objective to install a 12 MWe geothermal power plant to supply approximately 50% of the consumption needs of Terceira Island by the year 2008.