Heat from the Sea: Could Lochindaal heat our homes?

Though each marine location is different, the research should be of interest to anyone keen to know more about the potential of harnessing heat from the sea, particularly within a remote rural area.

The GeoAtlantic project has provided a great opportunity to explore the theory of this more, and we have been working with a heat pump specialist a local marine contractor to assess what kind of work would be required to set up a system to extract heat from LochIndaal; how it might operate; and what it would look like.

The research will be published in the next few months but we’re giving you a sneak preview of our findings in our talk ‘Heat from the Sea: Could Lochindaal heat our homes?’ at Islay Nature Centre in Port Charlotte on Tuesday 23rd of July at 7.30pm, in partnership with the Islay Natural History Trust.

As well as presenting our research there will be information available on how homes, community buildings and businesses could reduce costs and earn money from the Renewable Heat Incentive by switching to renewable heat.

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