Geothermal: In Gironde, trainings to raise the sector in competition

Several aspects hinder the development of geothermal energy, particularly in our region, explains Camille Mehl, manager of renewable energy projects in Alec (Local Agency for Energy and Climate of the metropolis of Bordeaux and Gironde). Among these, there is a certain lack of knowledge of the potential, but the second in France, and lacks the reflex of thinking about geothermal energy during construction projects.

In order to overcome these obstacles, Alec, in the framework of the European Interregular Space programme, has just set up four courses on low and very low energy geothermal energy. The first, for information and energy areas (IEE), was held on Tuesday 27 November with the theme “How to direct the individual to geothermal energy in the individual habitat? “. “It’s about training EIA advisors in a dimensioning tool developed by the Bureau of Geological and Mining Research (BRGM), so it’s quite a technical training,” said Camille Mehl. However, the second, December 11, will be a little more general and open to project holders: “Geothermal energy, an energy option for their projects“, this already has 65 registered and Alec expects more.

A training day for elected officials will take place in February and a final session will be organized for artisans to begin the professionalization of the sector. At the end of the program, a training kit will be produced with video interviews with experts, site visits, shared experiences … all available free of charge on Alec’s website. At the same time, the agency established a group of exchanges with 25 local actors representing the sector, which helps it in particular to determine the objectives of the trainings. “An advisory action is also planned for companies to make good practices known by 2019, announces the project manager. And a geothermal pilot project, among those we support, should also be chosen to serve as a demonstrator within the Interreg Atlantic Area program. There is no shortage of good ideas for getting geothermal energy out of the ground.

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