The Ministry of Energy and the City of Ourense will sign an agreement tomorrow “for the promotion of geothermal energy”

The announcement has been made today by the Ministry through a press release. According to that statement, “the Minister of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda, Álvaro Nadal, and the Mayor of Ourense, Jesús Vázquez, will sign tomorrow the document that will allow the collaboration between the two institutions for the dissemination and promotion of geothermal energy.”

The agreement, reports the ministry, comes after several meetings of the mayor with officials from the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE) where the possibilities of developing geothermal energy in the city as a source of renewable energy have been studied. According to the ministry, “the idea is to begin to exploit the thermal waters that flow under Ourense to generate heating, air conditioning and even electricity”. The mayor of Ourense, Jesús Vázquez, has already held several meetings with officials of the Ministry to advance, through institutional collaboration, in the development of geothermal energy in Ourense.

The city council – informs the ministry – wants to implement a Local Energy Action Plan with measures and commitments on energy sustainability and mitigation of climate change supported by geothermal energy. Ourense is the only large city in Galicia governed by the Popular Party. Its mayor, Jesus Vázquez, was invested thanks to the 10 votes of the councilors of the Municipal People’s Group. On the day of the investiture, the other three parties of the Ourense town hall voted their respective candidates: 8 votes for the Ourense Democracy candidate (Gonzalo Pérez Jácome); 6 for the Socialist Party of Galicia (José Ángel Vázquez Barquero); and 3 for the candidate from Ourense en Común (Miguel Doval). Mayor Vázquez rules in a minority.

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