Ourense fights for leadership in energy saving

The Entrepreneurship Initiatives Center (CIE) of the City Council of Ourense hosted yesterday the first technical meeting of the GeoAtlantic project, of which Ourense is promoter, and which will have a budget of 2,870,000 euros from European funds. A total of 22 people participated in the meeting, some from countries such as Portugal, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Belgium. Of them, 19 members were in situ, and three others participated via Skype.

This proposal of the GeoAtlantic Project was initially presented by the Council in May 2016, being selected in August of that year to be able to present the full proposal of the project in a second phase. It was approved along with another 44 project proposals from across Europe, out of a total of 425 initially submitted in the first phase.

It aims to study the possibilities of geothermal energy development in the territory as a source of renewable energy and promote demonstration projects of its use. Although until now the use was limited to the spa activity and the occasional use in facilities, it is intended to promote a more extensive use of this resource, for heating, air conditioning and electricity production.

The mayor of Ourense, Jesús Vázquez, accompanied by the Councilor for Hydrotherapy and Economic Promotion, Jorge Pumar, welcomed the participants in the meeting and noted that “we continue to take firm steps to place Ourense as a unique and vanguard international reference of efficiency e energetic sustainability, taking advantage of our own resources that identify us as a cidade “.

This project has a duration of 36 months and has a budget of 2,870,000 euros, of which 75% is subsidized by the ERDF and is part of the Atlantic Area Program.

The work program includes an analysis of the geothermal resources, as well as good practices and innovations for its exploitation, which includes visits to successful experiences. A program of information actions aimed at different groups will also be carried out: politicians, consumers, companies, professionals, farmers … Another part of the work will focus on energy planning at the local and regional level.


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